DIRTT by GL Seaman & Company

DIRTT Environmental Solutions is a fast-growing component of our portfolio, offering highly customizable, sustainable architectural interiors that can be reconfigured easily to meet changing space planning needs.

Build Better with DIRTT

The interior construction industry makes change happen every day for the clients it serves.  Interestingly enough, the industry has remained stagnant in its approach to project delivery, until now.  DIRTT is Doing It Right This Time by redirecting the old transactional way of building to a new collaborative approach, which encompasses customization through all of the elements in construction.  DIRTT has brought construction into the 21st century by using technology, DIRTT's patented software, ICE.  ICE provides a platform for custom-designed spaces that can be created with the speed, accuracy, price and quality made possible through manufacturing.

What is ICE?

DIRTT's powerful technology platform, ICE, is based on a gaming technology platform which allows for realistic visualization of office space.  ICE transforms your ideas and dreams into a reality and allows you to customize your office systems in real time.


The old way of building office space forces your business to conform to your real estate constraints.  Further, it requires multiple trades, is time-consuming and produces significant waste.  DIRTT's agile, movable walls allow you to move, add or change your office space to meet your business' changing needs.  Office interiors designed with DIRTT office systems are flexible and allow for change to occur rapidly.

DIRTT has revolutionized interior construction.  Its agile design capabilities, easy planning tools, adaptable and movable walls, and rapid manufacturing process are the new normal.  DIRTT by GL Seaman is your partner as you use DIRTT to Build Better.

Reach our DIRTT by GL Seaman team directly at DIRTT@glsc.com.  Contact us online or in Dallas at (214) 764-6400 or in Fort Worth at (817) 336-5400.


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“GL Seaman was a true partner from the very start of our project. ”

- Linda McBain-Waters
Lead, Office Services | Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.

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