Technology Trends

Move over, corner offices and cube farms. The face of the workplace is changing more rapidly than ever, and if you think the tech revolution has shaken things up so far, you’re in for a serious jolt. We’re not just talking new gadgets, either. As emerging technologies transform the way we collaborate, communicate, and compute, the underlying nature of what we call work – let alone what we call an office – is taking on surprising new dimensions.

The transition from the paper-based office to the digital office may end up looking like a subtle shift compared with the changes the latest technology trends have in store. Screen-sharing and virtual meetings, mobile-first apps, and cloud computing have matured into powerful business tools that could demand new ways of thinking about what it means to go to work.

Executive Summary:

> Virtual collaboration tools, software-based whiteboards, democratized teleconferencing solutions, and ubiquitous mobile devices will enable more flexible office designs.

> Increasingly mobile and constantly connected workforces will make time-shifting a business advantage.

> Personal cloud apps and mobile devices serving as second screens will require more versatile workstations.

> The Internet of Everything—in which traditionally “dumb” devices join the network and emit actionable data—will enable deeper business intelligence while demanding more robust network infrastructure.

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