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Day 2 Services

At GL Seaman & Company, our approach to account management is appropriately called “Extraordinary at Work.” We strive to tailor our solutions, customer service, and performance measurement to the specific needs of each client.

Day 2 Services

Technical Services

Adjusting suspensions, adjusting lock mechanisms, leveling files, replacing chair mechanisms, on-site touchups, minor repairs, major repair audit & estimation.

Asset Management

Use of barcode technology, color digital imagery, inventory reporting, depreciation schedules, insurance valuation, cost center allocation.

Furniture Storage

Provide short-term storage, well priced, with easy access. (Unlike asset management storage services, standard furniture storage does not include monthly reports.)

Reconfiguration Services

Evaluate your current site, explore available inventory, technology requirements & personnel needs, provide a fresh environment reconfigured by professionals.

Move & Relocation Services

Logistical planning, managing all processes to ensure minimal disruptions.

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