DIRTT private office space with shelves, a table, chairs, and a TV integrated into the wall


Designed by you. Powered by technology. Supported by GL Seaman & Company.

​GL Seaman & Company + DIRTT

We use DIRTT’s proprietary software to help design, manufacture and install fully customized interior environments. Cleaner, faster and more sustainably.

DIRTT is your multi-trade solution for interior construction from conception to completion. Walls, doors, casework, integrated technology, power, networks and more are all rapidly designed and built with extreme precision in DIRTT factories. Then, they're shipped to site for a clean install.

The DIRTT Process

To build better, build differently. Learn more about the DIRTT process now.

Taking the Stress out of Construction

Budget with Confidence

DIRTT’s technology is a design-integration, pricing and visualization tool that speaks to our factories. It lets you see exactly how much your project will cost, to the penny. Make changes in real-time. Your cost is immediately recalculated. And the best part? The cost quoted is the actual cost.

Stay on Schedule

Don’t let your budget be hijacked by the labor and hidden costs of a longer schedule. Once you sign off, your entire space is manufactured and shipped in 21 days or less. On-site installation is completed in a fraction of the time conventional construction requires.

Build Flexible Spaces

DIRTT’s modular solutions are durable and flexible. They stay resilient over time so you can meet your needs today and adapt to whatever comes next. Reconfigure your space with little disruption and downtime, reducing your ongoing expenses and maintenance budget.

What You See is What You Get

Make confident design decisions using 3D visualizations and advanced virtual reality. With technology that connects directly to the DIRTT factory, you get reassurance that your design will be built exactly as you see it – with extreme precision.

Create Sustainable Spaces

DIRTT's prefabricated solutions are built for adaptability and reuse. They can be modified as your businesses changes. This eliminates the need to tear down and rebuild your space, resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of raw materials that fill our landfills from conventional construction. Click below for more on building sustainably with DIRTT.

DIRTT Sustainability

How We Work With You & What to Expect as an Industry Partner

General Contractors

We are a specialty subcontractor that covers multiple trades, working under you to oversee the DIRTT order, sequencing and install. Talk to us early to maximize efficiencies.

  • Experience a more streamlined construction process and simplified trade coordination.
  • Receive fast and clean installs – complete more projects and keep schedules on track.
  • Stay on budget - know exactly what you’re paying with no hidden surprises.

General Contractors on DIRTT

Listen to general contractors speaking on working with DIRTT. "Most people overestimate the learning curve...in awe of how simple it is."


Create your unique vision while benefiting from complete design freedom. We’ll be there to translate your ideas into custom DIRTT solutions with resources and support that align with your workflow. Use our ICE® virtual reality platform to collaborate with your clients, anywhere in the world.

  • Achieve design certainty around what your space is going to look like and how it will function.
  • Work with customizable solutions to create unique spaces.
  • Incorporate healthy, sustainable materials to meet your project requirements and goals.

Business Leaders

DIRTT is a specialty construction consultant on your project team. Whether it’s a big or small space, create an office, learning environment or healthcare facility where your people can flourish.

  • Design unique environments that drive your mission and can adapt to your business needs.
  • Achieve greater certainty around cost, schedule, and the final outcome.
  • Create resilient spaces that can easily handle change and minimize downtime.
“We have worked with other systems and companies, but the DIRTT products and the GL Seaman service help make our process run more efficiently and allow us to plan our work and complete time. Also working with your project manager is like working with one of our own...We will continue to recommend GL Seaman and DIRTT on any project that require demountable systems.”
Pacific Builders, Inc. Steven M. French | Vice President

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